Lunar & Planetary Conjunction over Stonehenge 2012


Object Data: The lunar / planetary conjunction of 2012 was recorded on the night of February 25, 2012 from the 4,000 year old astronomical temple of Stonehenge, looking almost exactly due west, immediately to the east of the main circle of trilithons. Jupiter can be seen highest, slightly to the left, while the crescent moon and Venus are in close conjunction immediately above the gap in the two nearest sarsens. The red lighting is to provide an ambience of ancient times (fires, burning torches) and to help reveal the stones which would otherwise be dark silhouettes.

Date: 25/02/2012 : 19:05 UT
Location: Stonehenge, England
Conditions: calm, excellent transparency
Camera: Canon 40D with 10-22mm lens working at 12mm f/5
Mount: Fixed tripod
Exposure: 15 seconds




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