Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde

Decca SET 555 - 1972

LP Cover

I purchased this record sometime in the late 1970's while building a collection of works by Mahler and others. I did not listen to the recordings very much at the time but about two years ago I started recording and digitising my vinyl collection. It was only after listening to Das Lied several times on my iPod that I realised I had purchased something rather special all those years ago. I tried to find out more about Das Lied. I listened to, and purchased, some other recordings but have not so far found anything comparable in sheer beauty and poetry. I tried to find a digitally remastered CD version but could not immediately do so. I assumed it was quite rare, however some knowledgeable people on '' kindly referred me to the following: (BRO Code 135013)

I have recorded an extract from Der Abschied of the original vinyl LP in MP3 format as a sampler of this beautiful recording.
Please click the Play button on the media plug-in below (you may have to click it twice). If it doesn't work you can listen via stand alone player by clicking here

Der Abschied (extract)
(This is intended only as a sampler - I have just received the CD version I ordered from BRO (see above) which at $13.98 is great value for the 2-CD set including a wide range of other recordings by Minton and a fascinating illustrated booklet. Let's all help living artists such as Minton and Kollo get just rewards for their amazing talents).

Review of this recording from Penguin Stereo Record Guide, 1975 edition:
"In sheer beauty of sound and precision of texture no version has matched Solti’s with the Chicago Orchestra, helped by brilliant but refined recording. As an interpretation it may lose something in mystery from this very precision, but the concentration of Solti in a consciously less romantic style than Walter or Bernstein adopt has never been surpassed, above all in the final Abschied, slower than usual and bringing in the final section an unusually close observance of Mahler’s pianissimo markings. Minton exactly matches Solti’s style, consistently at her most perceptive and sensitive, while Kollo presents Heldentenor strength combined with sensitivity. The recording (unlike that on rival discs) has no need to give the tenor an unnaturally close balance, and the result is the more exciting. On most counts a clear first choice."

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