Rosette Nebula - NGC 2244

Rosette Nebula

Object data: Located some 13 degrees to the east of Orion, the Rosette Nebula (NGC 2244) is another spectacular object of the winter Milky Way. More than 1 degree across, it is a large area of star clustering, star formation, and glowing ionized gas fuelled by the hottest stars in the central region. In the dense central region gases and dust have most rapidly condensed into massive new stars, the intense radiation and winds from which have eroded the dust and gases from these stars were formed, causing the 'hollowed out' appearance.

Date: 19/02/09, 25/02/09, 27/02/09
Location: Southern France
Optics: Astro-Physics 155 EDF f/7 with 4" focuser and integral field flattener working at f/7
Mount: AP 900 GTO on Portable Pier
Camera: SBIG STL-11K, SBIG LRGBC filter set, -30°C
Guiding: Integral STL-11K autoguider
Exposure: LRGB Seq: 34x 10 minutes; 6x 10 : 6.5 : 10 minutes (binned 2x2).

Processing: Image acquisition and initial processing was done using Maxim DL, subsequent processing was done using RegiStar and Photoshop.

Notes: Seeing was generally poor throughout the February 2009 trip to southern France and this was the case on all three nights when this image was acquired, though it does not show too much in this image taken at 1085mm focal length. Exposure subs were mostly 10 min but 15 min subs were used for 10 images on 19/02/08.





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