IC 5146 - Cocoon Nebula - Cygnus

Object Data: IC 5146, the Cocoon Nebula, is a nebulous region and open star cluster in the north-eastern part of Cygnus. It is a beautiful object, comprising a fairly rare combination of emission and reflection nebulae.

Date: 12/06/2007
Location: Southern France
Conditions: Calm, moderate dew, transparency=8, seeing=9
Optics: Astro-Physics 155 EDF f/7 working at f/7
Mount: AP 900 GTO on Portable Pier
Camera: SBIG ST-8E / CFW-8
Guiding: Integral ST-8E autoguider
Exposure: LRGB: Luminance: 8x 15 minutes; RGB: 2x 15:15:24 minutes binned 2x2

Processing: Image acquisition and initial processing using Maxim DL, subsequent processing in RegiStar and Photoshop.

Notes: Update on my film image taken in 1998. Yes... I've been doing this too long.





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