Hale-Bopp over Stonehenge

Comet of the Century

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Hale-Bopp over Stonehenge - Comet of the Century

Comet Hale-Bopp the "Comet of the Century" is seen here gracing Stonehenge during its spectacular apparition of Spring 1997 - a photograph never to be repeated in our lifetime as Comet Hale-Bopp will not return until the year 4380. The comet was last visible from Stonehenge 4,200 years ago, during the time of actual construction of the stone monument - what would our ancient forebears have made of this fantastic apparition - what sort of terror may have gone through their minds?

Recorded at 21:15 on 30th March 1997, two days before perihelion, Hale-Bopp was in the constellation of Andromeda, close by the border with Perseus. The star Almach Andromeda can be seen to the left of the coma and part of Cassiopeiae can be seen towards the top right of the frame.

Date: 30/03/1997 : 21:15 (BST)
Location: Stonehenge, England
Conditions: calm, excellent transparency
Camera: Pentax 67 with 45mm f/4 lens working at f/4
Film: Fuji NHG 400 120 format
Mount: Fixed tripod
Exposure: 20 seconds





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