M95 Galaxy With 2012 Supernova

Imaged on 24 March 2012

Please click the above image to see the position of the Supernova

Object data: M95 was recorded on March 24, with the 2012 Supernova looking yet brighter than when originally discovered.

Date: 24/03/12
Location: Southern France
Conditions: Poor transparency, otherwise good
Optics: RCOS 12.5" Ritchey-Chretien with custom field flattener working at f/9.5
Mount: AP 900 GTO on Portable Pier
SBIG STL-11K, SBIG LRGBC filter set, -25°C
Guiding: Integral STL-11K autoguider
Exposure: LRGB Seq: 10x 20 minutes; 3x 20 : 13 : 20 minutes (binned 2x2).

Processing: Image acquisition, calibration, combining, and DDP were done using Maxim DL, registration of Luminance and RGB images was done using Registar, and final processing was done in Photoshop CS4.

Notes: A rather 'quick and dirty' processing job done on site in France, using last November's calibration images! (current ones are not all done as yet)





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